holisticThe fact that mercury is a poison has been known to the scientific community for many years now, but that has not stopped some dentists from putting mercury based fillings in their patient’s mouths. Knowledge of course is power, and that is why you need to make sure that you completely understand the dangers of what mercury could do to you. We want to explain a little bit about how dangerous mercury really is, so that you can talk to your (hopefully homeopathic) dentist about this informed and understanding the risks that they could be putting you in.

For a start, mercury is a toxin to humans, and mercury poisoning can be very serious indeed – so serious in fact that it could kill you. Mercury poisoning also has a long list of very nasty side effects, including the loss of your senses (hearing, taste, and sound), dizziness, and mental confusion. There is a reason that mercury is labelled a toxin by the FDA, and yet many people do not even realise that they could have mercury in their mouths at this very moment, slowly poisoning them. Research has demonstrated that just the mere action of brushing your teeth could be releasing more mercury into your blood stream than is legally allowed in a place of work.

Dentists should be considering your health with every single step of treatment, but if they want to give you a mercury filling, then they have completely ignored all of the safety warnings on mercury. There are many other choices when it comes to fillings, and many of them do not have mercury in them at all. Mercury is dangerous, and it will cause you harm. Perhaps this is the time to start looking for a mercury free dentist, that will not take such liberties with your healthcare.

More at BiocompatibleDentist.org

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