barn door in houseTo anyone who thinks that sliding barn doors are just for the farm, then all I have to ask is; where have you been in the last ten years? Designers, architecters, and homeowners alike all agree that modern design is happily embracing modern design. Thanks to people taking an interest in barn doors they now come in a variety of styles from sleek to contemporary to rugged and even rustic! It would take ages to discuss even half of the amount of options that you can get from sliding barn doors, but there are three styles that I have seen take the world by storm: blurred boundaries, clear view, and pantry portal.

Blurred Barriers
In a small home in Atherton, California they went to show how far that glass sliding doors has gone. The wood finish is always a nice touch whenever you see sliding doors like this. Take note of the mounted track and how it only adds to the style of the room as a whole.

Crystal View
A hardware store, called Krown Lab in Portland, Ore took the industrial feel to a whole new level. There is almost a steampunk vibe radiating from everything about this sliding door. From the curtains to the mounted track all have this rustic, metallic feel that is just what you want in a hardware store.

Pantry Gateway
This Martha’s Vineyard takes wood and does things that you would not believe it. For one the wood is made out of other barn doors and on top of that, all the parts are made from this very wood. Her design was picked up by Mass-based Hutker Architects and are now exclusively sold by them.


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