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Our objective is to introduce the new applicant to the Abbeyfield life style so as to achieve the best possible fit with the current residents, new applicants and Abbeyfield. To this end we strive to achieve a win, win, win experience for all concerned. We want our residents to be happy, healthy and comfortable in their new home.

Prior to acceptance as a resident at Abbeyfield Saskatoon, prospective residents tour the facility and complete an application form. Upon receipt of the completed form, the resident’s name is placed on a wait list. Whenever possible, prospective residents are invited to join the current residents for a meal and/or to spend part of a day at the house.

Each applicant is required to have a sponsor who serves as the liason between the resident and Abbeyfield House. The sponsor may be a family member or close friend. The sponsor agrees to assist the resident with medical appointments, personal needs, or will arrange for alternate accommodation when the physical, mental, or emotional needs of the resident warrants additional care.

When a space becomes available, applicants on the wait list are contacted and arrangements are made for the resident and their sponsor to have an interview with members of the House Committee.

To receive an application or to arrange a tour, contact Florence Graham at 306.374.8148.


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