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In recognition of the fact that independent seniors above all want to have a healthy, interesting and rewarding life, the Abbeyfield team strives to achieve just that.

A day at Abbeyfield Saskatoon includes three nutritious meals, conversation, laughter, quiet times, morning coffee or afternoon tea with a snack. It might include singing, completing puzzles, gardening in the raised flower/vegetable bed, a walk in the Park, viewing a DVD, baking cookies or preparing apples for a pie. It often includes time to enjoy the evening sunset, watch the soccer teams at Holiday Park, or marvel at the movement of a hummingbird at the feeder.

For those who enjoy gardening, enjoy watching gardens grow, enjoy fresh produce or those that like to tend flower beds in our Community Garden, Abbeyfield is for you. Children from St. John School visit and share a story or two while some students come to plant a variety of seeds in the Abbeyfield Community Garden. Local musicians periodically entertain. Guests and community neighbours may join the residents on special occasions, such as birthdays, Robbie Burns Day, or to create a festive environment in December.


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