Woman giving botox injections.Did you know that botox training is something that any medical professional can get?  It’s not just for plastic surgeons.  In fact, it’s not just for doctors.  RN’s, dentists, anyone in the medical field can receive botox training, and it doesn’t take that long.  Certification takes anywhere from one day to two weeks for most courses.  If you’ve never considered it before, here are a few reasons why you should.

It can help you get a job in the medical field.

Think of it like resume padding.  If you’re already a qualified medical professional, being able to say on your resume that you are certified to give botox therapy is a boost.  It’s one more good thing that you can offer to an employer, that they can then offer to their patients. This can be especially helpful for new to the field RN’s.  This is a competitive market, and anything extra you can offer a potential employer is going to help you stand out.

It can boost your patient list.

People want to get botox therapy.  They want to feel and look younger, but they might not want the stress and cost of traditional plastic surgery.  If you’ve got a medical practice, people who are interested in botox therapy are going to want to come to you.  This can be a real help if you’re new to the field, and trying to start your own practice.

It enables you to preform the procedure, rather than having to refer your patient to another doctor.

If you’ve got a patient who is interested in botox therapy, they are going to appreciate coming to you for it.  They already trust you as their doctor or dentist.  It’s convenient for them to simply discuss the procedure with you.  It’s also far easier, because you’ve already got their medical history.  So, if there is anything that might make botox therapy a risk for your patient, you’re more likely to know, and be able to give them personal advice.

It’s a complex procedure.

Speaking of risks, remember that botox therapy can be a risky procedure.  If not done properly, it can lead to discoloration of the skin, face paralysis, blindness, or even death.  Sadly, there are people who preform botox injections that are not as well trained or certified as they should be.  People are realizing this, and they are seeking out safer ways to have this procedure done.  It would be better if they knew their family doctor, or a nurse on staff, could preform this.  It might very well keep them from going with a less than trustworthy alternative.

It’s very lucrative.

While this is likely your last concern, it’s still a concern.  Botox treatments generally cost around $80.00, and are repeated about twice a year.  This is a decent stream of income, which can help you do all sorts of things to improve and expand your practice.  Once again, people want to have this procedure done, because it makes them feel good about how they look.

Botox educational materials are available at – http://dentox.com/botox-edu-news

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