Unless, the chip in the tooth is very small, DIY repair for a chipped tooth is only recommended as a quick fix until you can get to the dentist.  That being said, there are some things you can do at home to take care of your damaged tooth until you can get to the dentist.

The first thing you will probably want to find is some acetaminophen, or another pain reliever of your choice.  Take the medicine to dull any pain you are having as a result of the chipped tooth.

If the chip is large enough, rinse it under warm water and put it in a safe place until you go to the dentist.  Take it with you to the dentist.  There is a possibility the dentist will be able to re-adhere the chip to temporarily fix your tooth.  No matter the size of the chip, you should rinse your mouth out with warm water to cleanse your mouth.

If the chip is small, you may be able to file the tooth down at home.  If you choose to do this, you will need to file the tooth in front of a mirror so that you can make sure you are not filing the tooth down too much.  You can use an emery board to file your chipped tooth.  Filing the sharp edge off the tooth will keep it from cutting the inside of your mouth.

Covering the tooth with wax is another alternative.  You can cover the bottom edge of the tooth with wax to prevent the chipped tooth from cutting your tongue or the inside of your cheek.

Dentemp can also be used as a temporary fix for a chipped tooth.  Dentemp is a product that is made for temporary care of a chipped tooth, and it can be purchased at most drugstores and pharmacies.  Dentemp is used to smooth the surface of the tooth and prevent further injuries to the tooth or mouth.

Even if you feel the chip is very small, a trip to the dentist is still recommended.  Chipped teeth can cause small cracks in the teeth, which can lead to infection in the root of the tooth.  The fall that caused your tooth to chip in the first place may also have caused damage to your gums or your jaw.  It is best to have a dentist check your mouth to rule out damage, or to recognize damage and recommend treatment.  If the damage goes to the root of the tooth, your dentist may send you to an endodontist for treatment.  The endodontist is a dentist that specializes in treating nerve damage and dental pulp that is diseased.

No matter how small the chip in your tooth, a trip to the dentist is a good idea for long-term dental health.  It is better to catch damage early while the  problem is small than to have damage go untreated and turn into a larger problem.

holisticThe fact that mercury is a poison has been known to the scientific community for many years now, but that has not stopped some dentists from putting mercury based fillings in their patient’s mouths. Knowledge of course is power, and that is why you need to make sure that you completely understand the dangers of what mercury could do to you. We want to explain a little bit about how dangerous mercury really is, so that you can talk to your (hopefully homeopathic) dentist about this informed and understanding the risks that they could be putting you in.

For a start, mercury is a toxin to humans, and mercury poisoning can be very serious indeed – so serious in fact that it could kill you. Mercury poisoning also has a long list of very nasty side effects, including the loss of your senses (hearing, taste, and sound), dizziness, and mental confusion. There is a reason that mercury is labelled a toxin by the FDA, and yet many people do not even realise that they could have mercury in their mouths at this very moment, slowly poisoning them. Research has demonstrated that just the mere action of brushing your teeth could be releasing more mercury into your blood stream than is legally allowed in a place of work.

Dentists should be considering your health with every single step of treatment, but if they want to give you a mercury filling, then they have completely ignored all of the safety warnings on mercury. There are many other choices when it comes to fillings, and many of them do not have mercury in them at all. Mercury is dangerous, and it will cause you harm. Perhaps this is the time to start looking for a mercury free dentist, that will not take such liberties with your healthcare.

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Natural caduceus conceptMercury free dentistry is just a fad, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, choosing mercury free dentistry can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of yourself, your family, and the earth. We know that for most of you, there are very few things in this life that are as important as your safety and health, as well as the safety and health of those you love. Here, we will look at all the reasons why mercury free dentistry may be the right choice for you.

Protect Yourself

Opting for traditional dentistry might mean like a good idea to you now. However, you might be rethinking your decision if you are exposed to toxins, like mercury, while seeing your dentist. When you visit our clinic, you can rest assured that we are using only completely nontoxic materials. You can easily protect yourself from exposure by just choosing to see us, as opposed to other local clinics. Other methods we use, like taking as few x-rays as possible and forgoing pain medication can also help you to avoid radiation exposure and chemicals in your body.

Protect Your Loved Ones

Did you know that toxins like mercury can be even more dangerous for younger patients? Our mercury free dentistry practices are perfectly safe for everyone, no matter their age or health conditions. Before we prescribe any sort of medication to your family members, we will try out best to try natural methods to find a solution. We also rarely, if ever, perform any sort of invasive surgery. In the long run you can help your children to stay healthier, longer. You can also help all of your loved ones to better improve their oral health and learn good hygiene habits for life.

Care for the Planet

We only have one planet. Already, human interaction with the environment through things like radiation, carbon emissions, and the senseless use of resources has already decimated some areas of the earth. But choosing mercury free dentistry can be a simple step to protect our waterways and nature. We can stop the leaching of mercury into the sea, as well as the ground. We can also turn to natural remedies that call for very low carbon footprints before we resort to anything else that uses more resources. If you are looking to green your life, this is the perfect choice for you.

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BLD029665Diets come and go almost too quickly for us to keep track of them, but with the rise of social media, websites such as Pinterest, and people like Martha Stewart, there are now fashions in many different areas of our lives that we could never have guessed about ten years ago. And just like these things that have become so popular over the years, so has homemade toothpaste, which is a rather unlikely fashion choice. Of course many of us are very careful about our health and appearance – but why homemade toothpaste in particular?

Well first things first: knowledge. With better understanding we can make better decisions, and over the last few years a huge amount of scientific research has been released that shows that some of the chemical ingredients that are used in shop brand toothpastes are actually not very good for us at all. In fact, there are many chemicals within the average toothpaste concoction that are actually really harmful for people. Some of them have been known in scientific trials to stunt growth and development, whereas others have been linked to an increase in cancer.

But believe it or not, it gets even worse. There are chemicals that are used in the vast majority of toothpastes are the same sort of chemicals that are used in anti-freezes and pesticides! Those are the last sort of chemicals that you would want to be putting into your body, and that is why homemade toothpastes have become more and more popular. When you make your own toothpaste, you will know exactly what ingredients you have used, and that means that absolutely everything will be safe and healthy for you to use. There really is nothing quite like it – so why don’t you think about creating your very own homemade toothpaste?


Woman giving botox injections.Did you know that botox training is something that any medical professional can get?  It’s not just for plastic surgeons.  In fact, it’s not just for doctors.  RN’s, dentists, anyone in the medical field can receive botox training, and it doesn’t take that long.  Certification takes anywhere from one day to two weeks for most courses.  If you’ve never considered it before, here are a few reasons why you should.

It can help you get a job in the medical field.

Think of it like resume padding.  If you’re already a qualified medical professional, being able to say on your resume that you are certified to give botox therapy is a boost.  It’s one more good thing that you can offer to an employer, that they can then offer to their patients. This can be especially helpful for new to the field RN’s.  This is a competitive market, and anything extra you can offer a potential employer is going to help you stand out.

It can boost your patient list.

People want to get botox therapy.  They want to feel and look younger, but they might not want the stress and cost of traditional plastic surgery.  If you’ve got a medical practice, people who are interested in botox therapy are going to want to come to you.  This can be a real help if you’re new to the field, and trying to start your own practice.

It enables you to preform the procedure, rather than having to refer your patient to another doctor.

If you’ve got a patient who is interested in botox therapy, they are going to appreciate coming to you for it.  They already trust you as their doctor or dentist.  It’s convenient for them to simply discuss the procedure with you.  It’s also far easier, because you’ve already got their medical history.  So, if there is anything that might make botox therapy a risk for your patient, you’re more likely to know, and be able to give them personal advice.

It’s a complex procedure.

Speaking of risks, remember that botox therapy can be a risky procedure.  If not done properly, it can lead to discoloration of the skin, face paralysis, blindness, or even death.  Sadly, there are people who preform botox injections that are not as well trained or certified as they should be.  People are realizing this, and they are seeking out safer ways to have this procedure done.  It would be better if they knew their family doctor, or a nurse on staff, could preform this.  It might very well keep them from going with a less than trustworthy alternative.

It’s very lucrative.

While this is likely your last concern, it’s still a concern.  Botox treatments generally cost around $80.00, and are repeated about twice a year.  This is a decent stream of income, which can help you do all sorts of things to improve and expand your practice.  Once again, people want to have this procedure done, because it makes them feel good about how they look.

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barn door in houseTo anyone who thinks that sliding barn doors are just for the farm, then all I have to ask is; where have you been in the last ten years? Designers, architecters, and homeowners alike all agree that modern design is happily embracing modern design. Thanks to people taking an interest in barn doors they now come in a variety of styles from sleek to contemporary to rugged and even rustic! It would take ages to discuss even half of the amount of options that you can get from sliding barn doors, but there are three styles that I have seen take the world by storm: blurred boundaries, clear view, and pantry portal.

Blurred Barriers
In a small home in Atherton, California they went to show how far that glass sliding doors has gone. The wood finish is always a nice touch whenever you see sliding doors like this. Take note of the mounted track and how it only adds to the style of the room as a whole.

Crystal View
A hardware store, called Krown Lab in Portland, Ore took the industrial feel to a whole new level. There is almost a steampunk vibe radiating from everything about this sliding door. From the curtains to the mounted track all have this rustic, metallic feel that is just what you want in a hardware store.

Pantry Gateway
This Martha’s Vineyard takes wood and does things that you would not believe it. For one the wood is made out of other barn doors and on top of that, all the parts are made from this very wood. Her design was picked up by Mass-based Hutker Architects and are now exclusively sold by them.


Custom sliding closet doorThe popularity of custom sliding doors is now vivid more than ever. This tendency has gained its popularity not so long ago but has already managed to prove its efficiency to many of us. Both commercial and residential designers try to get the most out of sliding doors, adopting various materials and colors. All that once again testifies to the fact that the trend of sliding doors will gain more fans in the next years.

While sliding doors bear nothing new to us, there are designers who are trying to find fresh and more impressive ways and places for this element of an interior.

Just to prove how a simple trend can evolve, have a look at the variety of mechanisms, sizes, materials and shapes of sliding doors available on the market. However, it has not always been so. Some time ago, designers and their clients had to search everywhere for the right custom sliding door and its mechanism. Thankfully, the industry has grasped that the popularity of custom sliding door will only grow. As a result, now we can enjoy all possible materials in sliding doors production.

It has not been long before when sliding doors started to appear in private houses and apartments, shops and other everyday places. Before that, you could have met them only in some healthcare and office centers.

City Loft Apartments

Loft apartments is a space original in itself. It already bears it individuality, special tone, look and flavor which is easy to destroy. It is one of the reasons why more and more designers when working on loft projects, tend to choose custom sliding doors to cover the openings.

The unique industrial style of city loft apartments easily embraces custom sliding barn doors and make them look outstanding in such an interior.

Sliding doors for churches

Now is it already more a tendency rather than an exception when churches order custom sliding doors for their purposes. In the majority of cases, they need sliding doors for dedicated meeting spaces and some casual break-out areas.

In these particular cases, it is logical to opt for large sliding barn doors that will offer more space and add up power to the interior. What is more important, it is necessary to pay due attention to the hardware as the doors will be frequently used during the day. KNR Sliding Doors can easily help you with that and advise what kind of sliding doors is the best fit for you.

ADA Applications of sliding doors

It is proved that sliding doors are the best choice for people with disabilities who are confined to a wheelchair or use a walker to move around. From the mobility point of view, it is easier and more convenient for the disabled to use a sliding door rather than a wide-swing door.

Sliding doors for hotels

It is surprising but nowadays the number of hotels that already have sliding doors on their premises is growing. It does not concern only the door in the hallways but also those in suits with minimum space. Such an approach to interior design offers great advantage both for guests and hotel owners.

Hotels tend to choose something more delicate and shiny to match the interior in contrast to the traditional rustic sliding barn doors. The increasing number of hotels replace their old regular doors with new sliding ones taking into account several factors. Primarily for saving space in rooms and hallways, then – just to revitalize and renew the interior for it to look modern and up-to-date.

What is more, sliding doors are replacing not just regular room doors but also closet and bathroom doors at the same time. That depends on what side you slide the door to, and immediately there is either a bathroom or a closet opened in front of you. Such an idea is a great functional trick for small rooms not only in hotels but also in regular apartments with a small overall living area. In the majority of cases, when a hotel is doing this kind of renovation, it sees the door replacement as the investment not only into the overall design of the room but also its functionality and comfort for the visitor.


Everything is on the contrary with sliding barn doors in restaurants. These public establishments opt for the solution with sliding barn doors only for the reason of beauty and almost never comfort or space saving. In restaurants where there is a need to separate kitchen area and main restaurant hall, sliding barn doors bring in a fresh look and creative solution to the problem.

Sliding doors hardware

Some time ago, the industry of sliding doors hardware was not as developed as it is nowadays. With growing demand for this kind of doors, the manufacturers have got the idea and started to offer everything from the smallest details for different DIY project to ready to install constructions aimed at simplifying consumers’ lives.

Lots of companies offer not only hardware for sliding doors but also the full spectrum of services ranging from the solution that works best in this or that room to complete manufacturing and installation.

Sliding doors as a trend in the interior design does not seem to go away soon, so the chances are high that designers will surprise us with even more unexpected, comfortable and attractive application of custom sliding doors in our interiors.


There are so many reasons why you would end up with a chipped or cracked teeth. It could be as a result of biting down hard on something hard, or perhaps from an injury of some sort. Most of these injuries happen spontaneously, and you could never really be in a position to tell whether something is going to happen or not. Fortunately, when you have a chipped tooth, you can actually get in touch with a holistic dentist and talk to them about how they can assist you. As a matter of fact, a holistic dentist will not only assist you with this, but there are so many other forms of dental injury where their services can come in handy.

When it comes to holistic dentistry, the procedure is not just about getting you that feel good sensation, but it is about your health in general. In as far as a chipped tooth or teeth are concerned, there are so many ways that your local dentist can help you out. Of course the entire concept behind holistic dentistry does not delve so much or at all on the use of amalgam fillings. This is primarily as a result of the fact that the risk of infection is higher, and the risk of a whole lot of health issues too.

That being said however, the options of a holistic dentist are not necessarily limited. In fact, there are a lot of things that they can do for you. When it comes to facial trauma, it is important that you get to the emergency room so that the first thing which can be done is to assess your situation, and determine whether you have any severe medical issues that need to be addressed. Once you get cleared, you can then get in touch with your holistic dentist for help.

In the event of traumatic experiences that leave you experiencing memory loss, dizziness or even headaches, it would be best that you cancel your dental appointment as fast as possible, and get in touch with your emergency medical facility or a doctor for checking first.

When it comes to chipped teeth, one of the options possible for you would be the use of a crown or a dental composite. There are instances where composite repairs can be done and covered with veneers to help improve the overall look. Ideally you do have so many options available to you, so it should not be a problem. Just get in touch with your dentist and they will aptly sort you out. From time to time you will also come to notice that there is a lot more care paid to the restoration of your front teeth.

There are times when the dentist would offer you a better alternative of grinding down the chipped area, so that it can be more appealing than it currently is. This is what is referred to as enamel shaping, which is also an affordable and not an invasive procedure at all.


Infection Control SiteHealthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are declining thanks to the latest measures implemented by hospitals worldwide. More and more healthcare facilities are hiring janitors to fight infections and prevent viruses from spreading. Until recently, most hospitals were investing in technology and reputation management. Such investments attract patients and bring in more money. However, things have changed lately. Healthcare facilities from all over the world are bringing janitors to the front lines of infection control.

Are Hospital-Acquired Infections a Real Problem?

One in 25 patients develops an infection while in the hospital. About 40,000 healthcare-associated infections occur everyday in the United States. Every day, more than 205 people die in U.S. hospitals from infections. These alarming statistics show that hospital acquired infections are a major problem that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Over the past 10 years, the viruses and bacteria that cause most infections in hospitals have become more difficult to treat. Not only they resist treatment, but have also evolved and adapted. For example, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus was a main source of infection in healthcare facilities just a few years ago. This bacteria clings to the skin. The only way to prevent it was thorough hand washing. Today, this approach doesn’t work anymore. Nurses and other staff members have to carefully check every nook in each room and use special cleaning products to control its spread. Even though hand hygiene still is very important, it takes more than that to prevent and kill bacteria.

Every day, hospitals have to fight dangerous microorganisms that kill patients. These include Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Clostridium difficile, Enterococcus and many others. Most viruses and bacteria make their way to hospital rooms via people’s shoes and clothes. Some live in the gut and escape when patients have bouts of diarrhea, contaminating the environment. These microorganisms are highly resistant to antibiotics and traditional medications, and can survive in harsh conditions, which forces hospital staff to take special measures.

A recent study has shown that 95 percent of curtains in 30 hospital rooms carried MRSA or VRE, two of the most dangerous bacteria. Over 92 percent of curtains became re-contaminated within seven days after being replaced. Other studies indicate that approximately 10 percent of surfaces in hospital rooms are contaminated with gram-negative bacteria. It’s no wonder why cleanliness has become a major issue in healthcare facilities worldwide.

Operation Clean Team

Most hospitals employ infection-control specialists to identify and track dangerous bacteria. However, janitors seem to play a key role in the whole process. They’re no longer seen as disposable workers, but as critical partners in patient care. In 2010, N.Y.U. Langone has trained and employed “clean teams” consisting of infection-control experts, janitors, and nurses. As a result, the recurrence of Clostridium difficile infections has dramatically decreased within six months.

Other healthcare facilities are trying to use technology as a weapon against hospital acquired infections. The latest projects include scrubs and bedding sets that kill infectious organisms, rooms that clean themselves, and special surfaces that make it difficult for bacteria to cling and spread.